Carolina Wetland Services, Inc. (CWS) is a Natural Resource Consulting firm founded in 2000, with corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide simple solutions to the complex environmental needs of our clients in a professional and timely manner. At CWS, we take pride in our highly-qualified staff, and we strive to foster mutually-beneficial and lasting relationships with our clients and the various regulatory agencies. Our Company is composed of six independent yet complimentary operating divisions.

Environmental Consulting & Wetland Permitting

WDP4Carolina Wetland Services, Inc. provides a full range of professional natural resource consulting services from an initial property due diligence site visit to a turnkey wetland and stream mitigation solution. Since 2000, CWS negotiated over 300 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and State Water Quality permits for our clients throughout the southeastern United States. This experience has led us to be a leader in permitting complex projects within record time frames.

Plantings, Stream Restoration, Stormwater Management &Erosion Control

We have expertise in all phases of site restoration from the planning & design to the monitoring of completed projects. CWS specializes in provided highly-skilled labor to provide a light touch while maximizing environmental benefits. CWS’s staff is led by a certified PWS, who is a licensed North Carolina Landscape Contractor with a MS in Biology, a certification in pesticide application, and experience with stormwater BMP inspection & maintenance, and erosion and sediment control. Since 2000, CWS is proud to have installed plants on over 1,000 projects from West Virginia to Alabama in which we have honored our one year plant warranty.

Native Plant Nursery

CWS’s Native Nursery produces 1,000s of native plants each year that range in size from a bare root to a three gallon container tree or shrub. The majority of our plants are ideal for stream and wetland restoration projects and have wide ranges in hydrologic tolerance. Our nursery is the only source for native plants in the Charlotte Metropolitan area and is available to produce plants for contract grows. Please contact us for our current availability or help specifying plants for your next project.