What We Provide:

  • Herbaceous Wetland Plants
    • Aquatic plants for bioretention cells, rain gardens, wet ponds, wetland restoration, etc.
  • Containerized Woody Trees and Shrubs
    • For ecosystem restoration and other native plantings
  • Live Cutting (Bioengineering) Material
    • Live stakes, brush mattresses, and fascines for stream restoration and erosion control
  • Erosion Control Materials
    • Erosion Control Matting, cinch stakes, permanent and temporary seed, custom native and wetland seed mixes, and more!

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Why Choose Us?

The nursery produces quality plant material to fit your projects’ needs. All of our plants are native to the southeastern U.S. and thus especially suited to conditions in this region. We strive to provide our clients with superior service and high quality material while keeping prices within your budget. Don’t forget, we also install! We lower project costs while maintaining quality by producing and installing our own material for stream restoration plantings and wetland/BMP plantings.

We offer plants listed in the NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual and on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List.

CWS, Inc. is certified as both an SBE and WBE through the Landscape Contractor State HUB Office. We are also licensed commercial pesticide applicators and a licensed NC Landscape Contractor.

Our Plants and Materials

Wetland Plants

Every year we produce thousands of wetland plugs from seed for BMP ponds and wetland restoration projects. Many are also attractive in the landscape. We harvest all of our seed locally. Being harvested and cultivated here in the Piedmont, these are adapted for conditions specific to this region and we have found they thrive in the landscape resulting in healthy plants and highly satisfied customers. These plants are generally herbaceous and the optimal planting time is during the summer months beginning in May and extending to September. We also install!

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Containerized Shrubs and Trees

We also boast a healthy stock of native shrubs and trees in container sizes ranging from tublings to 10-gallons. See our Trees and Shrubs page for species recommended for this region. We also offer contract growing as an option. Don’t forget we also do installations!

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We offer plants listed in the NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual and on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List.

Live Cutting (Bioengineering) Material

In addition to wetland plugs and containerized material, we are practiced at harvesting bioengineering material including live stakes, fascines, and whips for brush mattresses or live cuttings for vegetated geolifts. All of our harvested material comes from approved local sites and can be harvested to meet any specification a project requires. Generally, live stakes are harvested with 0.5″-2″ diameter and are 2-3′ long. Live staking season in the Carolinas begins November 15 and ends March 15. And we do installations!

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Erosion Control Materials

We also supply various materials related to stream restoration and erosion control. See the list below for examples of erosion control materials. And, you guessed it, we also install!

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Permanent COIR Fiber Matting – 100% coconut
COIR Fiber Logs – 100% coconut
Temporary Woven Coconut Matting
Cinch Stake [link to spec]
Native and Wetland Seed Mixes sold by the pound
Temporary and permanent seed sold by the pound or by 50 lb bags
Fertilizer and Soil Amendments
And more!