We boast a healthy stock of native shrubs and trees in container sizes ranging from tublings to 10-gallons. See our Trees and Shrubs page for species recommended for this region. We also offer contract growing as an option. Don’t forget we also do installations!

  • We offer plants listed in the NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual and on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List
  • We offer a range of sizes from [tublings], to 1-gallon, 3-gallon, and 10-gallon containers
  • We produce quality nursery stock for all of your native planting needs

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  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List
  • NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual Bio-Retention List
  • NCDENR BMP Manual Storm Water Wetland Plant List

Recommended species from NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual Bio-Retention List

Containerized Trees

Common Serviceberry Amelanchier arborea
River Birch Betula nigra
White FringetreeChionanthus virginicus
Longleaf PinePinus palustris
Great LaurelRhododendron maximum
Bald CypressTaxodium distichum

Containerized Shrubs

Cherry BirchBetula lentaWinterberry HollyIlex verticillata
American BeautyberryCallicarpa americanaVirginia SweetspireItea virginica
Summersweet ClethraClethra alnifoliaEastern RedcedarJuniperus virginiana
Silky DogwoodCornus amomumWax MyrtleMorella cerifera
WitchhazelHamamelis virginianaRed ChokeberryPhotinia pyrifolia
Dense HypericumHypericum densiflorumSwamp AzaleaRhododendron viscosum
Shrubby St. JohnswortHypericum proilficumCarolina RoseRosa carolinana
PossumhawIlex deciduaArrowwood ViburnumViburnum dentatum
Inkberry HollyIlex glabraPossumhaw ViburnumViburnum nudum
American HollyIlex opaca

Recommended species from NCDENR BMP Manual Storm Water Wetland Plant List


Red ChokeberryAronia arbutifolia (Photinia pyrifolia)Inkberry HollyIlex glabra
Common ButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalisVirginia SweetspireItea virginica
Sweet PepperbushClethra alnifoliaSwamp RoseRosa palustris
Silky DogwoodCornus amomumCreeping BlueberryVaccinium crassifolium
Bushy St. JohnswortHypericum densiflorumPossumhawViburnum nudum
PossumhawIlex decidua

Recommended species from Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List

Large Maturing Trees

Common NameScientific NamePlanting Zone
Red MapleAcer rubrum4,5,6
River BirchBetula nigra3,4,5
SugarberryCeltis laevigata3,4,5
PersimmonDiospyros virginiana4,5,6
White AshFraxinus americana4,5,6
Green AshFraxinus pennsylvanica3,4,5
HoneylocustGleditsia triacanthos4,5
Tulip PoplarLiriodendron tulipfera4,5,6
SweetgumLiquidambar styraciflua4,5,6
Black GumNyssa sylvatica4,5,6
SycamorePlatanus occidentalis4,5
Swamp Chestnut OakQuercus michauxii4,5,6
Water OakQuercus nigra5,6
Willow OakQuercus phellos3,4,5
American ElmUlmus americana4,5,6

Small Maturing Trees

Common NameScientific NamePlanting Zone
BoxelderAcer negundo4,5,6
PawpawAsimina triloba4,5,6
American HornbeamCarpinus caroliniana4,5,6
HophornbeamOstrya virginiana4,5,6
Black WillowSalix nigra3,4,5,6

Evergreens Trees

Common NameScientific NamePlanting Zone
Eastern RedcedarJuniperus virginiana4,5,6
Loblolly PinePinus taeda4,5,6
Canadian HemlockTsuga canadensis5,6

Deciduous Shrubs

Common NameScientific NamePlanting Zone
Red BuckeyeAesculus pavia4,5,6
Tag AlderAlnus serrulata2,3,4
Red ChokeberryAronia arbutifolia4,5,6
American BeautyberryCallicarpa Americana4,5,6
ButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalis2,3
Silky DogwoodCornus amomum3,4
Strawberry BushEuonymus americana4,5,6
American Witch HazelHamamelis virginiana4,5
PossumhawIlex decidua3,4,5
Winterberry HollyIlex verticillata4,5,6
Virginia SweetspireItea virginica4,5,6
SpicebushLindera benzoin3,4,5
SparkleberryVaccinium arboreum4,5,6


Tublings are the smallest individual container size offered. Compared to larger plant material, they are lower cost and easier to transport; compared to bare root material, they have much higher survivability rates and a longer season during which they can be planted.

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