We supply various materials related to stream restoration and erosion control. See examples below for types of materials we can provide for your project. Need some thing else for your project? Let us know and we might have it! And we install!

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Permanent COIR Fiber Matting – 100% Coconut

  • Heavy duty matting for slopes expected to experience heavy water flow
  • 400 and 700 matting

COIR Fiber Logs – 100% Coconut

  • For toe of slope in stream beds and other erosion control uses
  • We can also provide 2’ stakes and wire for securing logs

Cinch stakes

  • 18” or 12” available, made in-house
  • 100% biodegradable, durable, with convenient notch to secure erosion control matting

Other erosion control matting and related supplies

  • Turf reinforcement matting, straw matting, woven coconut matting

Seed Mixes

  • Native and Wetland Seed mixes that fit your specifications
  • Permanent seed including Fescue, Bermuda, etc.
  • Temporary seed for nurse crop, e.g. Millet, Rye, Wheat, etc.

Fertilizer and soil amendments

Contact us with your specifications!