White Water Lily

White Water Lily

Herbaceous Wetland Plants

  • We offer plants listed in the NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual and on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List
  • Our aquatic plugs are produced from seed harvested locally from approved sources
  • These attractive plants are optimally suited to thrive in this region and to fit your needs

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  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Plant List
  • NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual Bio-Retention List
  • NCDENR BMP Manual Storm Water Wetland Plant List

Every year we produce from seed thousands of wetland plugs for BMP ponds and wetland restoration projects. Many are also attractive in the landscape. We harvest all of our seed locally. Being harvested and cultivated here in the Piedmont, these are already adapted for conditions specific to this region and we have found they thrive in the landscape resulting in healthy plants and highly satisfied customers. These plants are generally herbaceous and the optimal planting time is during the summer months beginning in May and extending to September.

Recommended species from NCDENR Storm Water BMP Manual Bio-Retention List