We are practiced at harvesting bioengineering material including live stakes, fascines, and whips for brush mattresses or live cuttings for vegetated geolifts. Generally this material is used on stream and wetland restoration projects. All of our harvested material comes from approved local sites and can be harvested to meet any specification a project requires. Typically, live stakes are harvested with 0.5”-2” diameter and are 2-3’ long. Live staking season in the Carolinas begins November 15 and ends March 15. And we do [installations]!

  • Live stakes, live cuttings, whips, fascines, brush mattresses
  • All cuttings are harvested from approved local sources
  • Contact us with your specifications and we can produce cuttings to fit your needs

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Living Cutting Materials

Tag AlderAlnus serrulataBlack WillowSalix nigra
ButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalisSilky WillowSalix sericea
Silky DogwoodCornus amomumElderberrySambucus canadensis
NinebarkPhysocarpus opulifoliusArrowwood ViburnumViburnum dentatum