Erosion Control Services

CWS is proficient in all phases of Planting and Erosion control applications. We are team players willing to develop working partnerships with other entities who are experts in specialized areas to provide a quality project, in a timely manner often below market cost.

Erosion Control (ECS1)

  • Coir matting
  • Coir logs
  • Wattles
  • Erosion Control blankets
  • Silt Fence

Seeding & Mulching (ECS2)

  • Soil testing
  • Soil preparation and amendment
  • Temporary & Permanent Seeding
  • Wetland & Riparian Seeding

Bioengineering Installations (ECS3)

  • Livestakes
  • Brush Mattress
  • Fascines
  • Vegetated Geogrid

Plantings ( NC licensed Landscape Contractor) (ECS4)

  • “Insta-forest”
  • Riparian Buffers
  • Aquatic Plugs (Wetland Restoration, BMP Plantings)
  • Ball & Burlap
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Tubelings
  • Bare roots
  • Livestakes

Materials & Specs (ECS5)

  • Coir 700 matting
  • Coir 400 matting
  • Coconut matting
  • Straw matting
  • Bioengineering materials
  • Native & Wetland seed mixes
  • Cinch Stakes

CWS is certified as both an SBE and WBE through the NC State HUB Office. Additionally, we are licensed commercial pesticide applicators and a licensed NC Landscape Contractor.