Stormwater Services

CWS is proficient in all phases of Storm Water Management and Erosion control. We are team players willing to develop working partnerships with other entities who are experts in specialized areas to provide a quality project often below market cost. We provide services such as plant installation, maintenance, repair, and inspections for Bio-Retention Cells, Retention Basins, Wet Ponds, Dry Ponds, Rain Gardens, Wetlands, and all types of BMP Ponds. Our experienced crews and Field Supervisors collaborate with inspectors, engineers, and project managers to safely and efficiently provide the following services for our clients.

Plant Installation

  • Wetland Plugs, Containerized Shrubs and Trees, B&B Trees; Sod
  • Amending planting shelf with organic soil as required by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Guidelines
  • GooseGuard Fencing to protect newly planted plugs from predation until plants are well-established

BMP Inspection and Maintenance

Planting Plans and Design Assistance

  • Sensible designs to fit clients’ needs and comply with NC DENR guidelines

Invasive Plant Management

  • Cattail treatment and removal
  • Algae treatments

Erosion Control

  • Seeding and Straw mulch installation
  • Erosion Control Matting

CWS is certified as both an SBE and WBE through the NC State HUB Office. Additionally, we are licensed commercial pesticide applicators and a licensed NC Landscape Contractor.