Carolina Wetland Services has extensive experience in completing all phases of projects including Wetland Permitting, Stream Delineations, Mitigation and Endangered Species Surveys. Our permitting team includes experts in each of these areas and is committed to working with clients to provide a superior product in a timely manner.

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Wetland and Stream Delineations

Accurate identification and documentation of on-site jurisdictional waters can be critical to the success of a project. CWS has expertise and experience to ensure that wetlands and streams are correctly delineated, classified, and verified by the USACE in a timely fashion. This saves our clients time and money by minimizing impacts, permitting time, and mitigation costs. CWS utilizes sub-meter GPS units to provide fast and accurate mapping of on-site streams and wetlands.

Endangered Species Surveys

CWS’ staff of environmental scientists, biologists, and botanists provides expert surveys of project sites for the presence or absence of endangered, threatened, or protected species and habitats. In the event that a protected species or habitat is present, CWS works closely with the relevant federal and state agencies to develop custom solutions on a project by project basis.


CWS provides Section 404/401 stream and wetland permitting services to clients ranging from individual home owners, to state government agencies, and multi-national corporations. CWS works closely with our clients and/or their engineers to develop site plans that meet the goals of the project while avoiding and minimizing negative impacts. This approach saves our clients time and money by expediting the permitting process and minimizing potential mitigation requirements. Permitting services provided by CWS include:

  • Section 404 Nationwide Permits
  • Section 404 Individual Permits
  • Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
  • Section 10 Navigable Waters Permitting
  • FERC Permitting


CWS can provide turn-key mitigation solutions for your project. Services provided by CWS include negotiating mitigation ratios with regulatory agencies, development of mitigation plans, stream and wetland restoration design, construction oversight and management, and post-construction monitoring.

CWS is certified as both an SBE and WBE through the NC State HUB Office. Additionally, we are licensed commercial pesticide applicators and a licensed NC Landscape Contractor.