Typical Vegetation Services Projects

A. Edwards Branch Phase III

Edwards Branch Stream Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Edwards Branch Stream Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

Completed: 2009

Client: Blythe Development

Brief Description: CWS worked with the City of Charlotte and Blythe Development on this stream restoration project in Charlotte, NC.

Services Performed:

  • 6 acres of upland seeding and mulching
  • 4,850 live stakes installed
  • 1,539 bare root seedlings installed
  • 193 1″ caliper trees installed
  • 2,889 wetland plants installed


B. AT&T Project Cardinal

Kings Mountain, NC

Completed: 2013

Client: CEI

Brief Description: In 2012 Carolina Wetland Services, Inc. was contacted by AT&T’s project engineer, CEI, to assemble a team to provide wetland delineation, permitting, mitigation design, and construction services for a large Data Center on a 130-acre green field site in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Services Performed:

  • 5.5 acres of permanent and temporary seeding and mulching
  • 1,460 live stakes installed
  • 80 1″ caliper trees installed
  • 2,395 one gallon plants installed


C. Rocky Mount High Wet Ponds

Wet Pond Plantings  in Rocky Mount, NC

Wet Pond Plantings in Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount, NC

Completed: 2012

Client: PureGreen, Inc.

Brief Description: CWS worked with PureGreen, Inc. on this storm water mitigation project in Rocky Mount, NC. CWS successfully installed 100% of the vegetation on two wet ponds. Rocky Mount High was completed on time and within budget.

Services Performed:

  • 2,118 aquatic plugs installed
  • 152 one gallon shrubs installed
  • 38 2″ caliper trees installed


D. Hayes Run Mitigation Project

Roxalana, WV

Completed: 2013

Client: Shamrock Environmental Corporation

Brief Description: CWS worked with Shamrock Environmental Corporation on this stream restoration project in West Virginia.

Services Performed:

  • 5,600 live stakes installed
  • 2,112 bare root seedlings installed
  • 610 one gallon trees and shrubs installed all bare root and one gallon material were fitted with BioMats and tree protection tubes


E. Little Sugar Creek Mitigation Project

Charlotte, NC


Client: City of Charlotte Storm Water Services Division

Description: CWS performed invasive plant control services on this project in Charlotte, NC. The extensive Chinese Privet population was eradicated by our dedicated natural resource technicians using the cut-stump treatment method. Large standing Chinese Privet was mechanically cut and treated with a concentrated solution of aquatic-safe herbicide.


Gaston Mall – Target Center

Gaston Mall

Gaston Mall

Gastonia, NC

Completed: 2012

Client: Woolpert

Brief Description: Carolina Wetland Services, Inc. worked with Woolpert on this stream relocation project in Gastonia, NC. The project included the design of over 2,600 linear feet of perennial stream channel, and over two acres of wetland creation and enhancement as well as the relocation of 1,600 linear feet of Duhart’s Creek.

Vegetation Services Performed:

  • 366 1″ caliper trees installed
  • 3,174 one gallon trees and shrubs installed
  • 4,641 tublings installed
  • 42,000 herbaceous and wetland plugs installed
  • 15,000 live stakes installed
  • Over 3 acres invasive plant management performed


CWS is certified as both an SBE and WBE through the Landscape Contractor State HUB Office. Additionally, we are licensed commercial pesticide applicators and a licensed NC Landscape Contractor.